What work does roof coating involve

Just like many UK homeowners, you may have heard about roof coating and still wonder what its all about. A process quite common in Scandinavia and on the content, roof coating involves treating clay or concrete roof tiles with a coating solution. The best coating solutions are certified to European (EN) standards and formulated to provide protections against the elements. So what exactly does the process involve? This short article gives you the breakdown.


Any reputable roofing company or tile roof coating specialist will perform a detailed roof inspection prior to applying the coating product. The roof inspection serves two main purposes:

  1. Helps identify any broken or missing tiles and other roof structure defects.
  2. Ensures the roof is weatherproof before performing the next stages of the process.

Once the roof inspection is complete and any defects identified, the roofing contracting company should give you a detailed quotation for carrying out any remedial works. Be wary of agreeing to a price for the job that may cost you more than you  originally agreed due to “unforeseen repairs”.


On completion of tile replacements and repairs, the job progresses to the next step, thorough cleaning. This phase of the project ensures the roof is clean and free from moss and debris before coating. A power washer is used and an antimicrobial solution applied to prevent future moss growth.


After the roof is allowed to dry after power washing, the coating solution is ready to apply. Two coats are usually required to ensure adequate coverage. Different colour options are available for you to choose from. The benefits of roof coating include the following:

  • It restores the original protective layer on the tiles which wears off with time.
  • Gives you roof aesthetic appeal and may offer an advantage if you’re planning to sell.
  • Prolongs the life of your roof and costs less than a roof replacement.

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